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Own A Little Country

Come out of your suburban warren and establish your family unit on an agricultural holding where you have sweet water boreholes, fresh air, freedom, and minimum rates. Your own fresh vegetables and crisp garden salads. Nut trees, plums, pears, figs, and every type of fruit. A few farm hens, a
happy Christmas-turkey family and a goose or two (snake eaters and night watchmen).
Security is better as there is always someone at home. Staff families live proudly and comfortably on the property. Enjoy the income from a cottage or two. Our future lies in your children. They commune with horses and farm animals. Keep them out of malls and movies.
Subdivision is your bonus and your assured retirement... Buy now by the hectare and later sell by the square meter.
All over the world in big cities, the elite are moving away from the centres to the countryside. This is one of the fastest-growing areas in South Africa. Here, one will find the homes of the most successful financial leaders in our country. Investments running into billions of Rands are being
made right here.
The agents of Howard and Currie are professionally qualified to assist and guide you in your search for the finest properties.